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Ermesc Gonzalez - Jazz Guitarist, Percussionist, Composer and Educator




Ermesc Gonzalez is an honor graduate from the well known Aaron's Copland School of Music at Queens College in New York City. He has been playing guitar and latin percussion since 1992, combining two very different instruments which gives him the opportunity to mix melody, harmony and improvisation with a strong rhythm foundation; this has created a very unique and colorful concept in his way of playing.

Ermesc has performed with many renowned musicians, bands and groups in Puerto Rico, the Caribbean and New York City. From latin jazz to rock and reggae to traditional and contemporary jazz.

Now, Ermesc presents his first CD Album "INTROSPECTION", released on April 19 2010, presenting some of his compositions in a jazz trio format with exquisite melodies, deep melodic improvisations and a rich harmony concept. The album is available online: Itunes, Amazon, CDbaby and many other websites.

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Ermesc: Introspection

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