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Guitar Tips

Practice Tips


These are a few tips that will help you use your practice time more efficiently.

#1 and the most important one: MAKE A SCHEDULE 

This is the most important aspect of 

Extended Arpeggios


New sound by working on my extended arpeggios.

It is remarkable how different you can sound by introducing to your musical vocabulary the extended arpeggios. If you think about it is just the scale in which you are playing but in a specific order! 

Sounds easy right? 

Arpegios extendidos


Nuevo sonido, trabajando los arpegios extendidos.

Es notable lo diferente que uno puede sonar al introducir los arpegios extendidos al vocabulario 
musical. Si lo ves bien, es la escala que se esté usando en el momento, pero en un orden específico!

Se oye fácil verdad?

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